If you've always done it that way, then it's probably wrong.


Charles F. Kettering said it and we think he was on to something. In our business, fresh is the new black. If it worked last year, you probably need something better than ever this year. That’s where we come in. We have spent years getting better, doing better, and exceeding expectations. Seriously, nothing brings us more pleasure than creating imagery that says, “Ok, how did you do that?” 

In a digital era, where there is an abundance of digital cameras, we truly believe that our history is what sets us apart. First and foremost, we are photographers and we have not forgotten our roots. As much as we LOVE Photoshop, we cut our teeth on film. We firmly believe that the real magic happens on set. Mixing lenses and lights with a dash of serendipity yields results that no computer can emulate. Why shoot a plastic splash glued to a glass when you can shoot real water in action?