“You miss 100% of the shots you never take.”

 So says Wayne Gretsky. Fortunately for us, we have taken a lot of shots over the years. Our studio is a newly renovated 3000 sq. ft space with 14 foot ceilings, a fully functioning commercial kitchen, and a sizable prop room. Basically, we are large enough to shoot a Derby winner and still feel spacious to you and your clients. As a commercial advertising photography studio, we’ve had the privilege to shoot for many local, national, and international companies, advertising agencies and design firms alike. Our work has appeared in numerous places, ranging from the telephone pole on the corner of Baxter Avenue and Bardstown Road, here in Louisville, to the glossy pages of Vanity Fair.

As proud as we are of our work in print, we’re much more passionate about the process of making great images. We are much more excited about what we get to shoot today and tomorrow than what we did yesterday or last year. From our perspective, our industry just keeps getting more exciting. 

Take a peek at our visuals. Stay awhile and you’ll get the chance to learn a little more about what makes our photo studio tick. If you’re interested in who we work with, you’ll find a few of them below.